Monday, December 21, 2009

back to the gym!

Finals are over! Although that means I get a break from the mental anguish of papers and exams, it also means that it's time for the physical anguish to begin again. My first day back to the gym was today.

Instead of the Nat, I'm going to the SERF for my winter break workouts because it's more convenient to get to after work. It's essentially the same thing: I get free access to the cardio equipment because I'm a student. What's different, though, is that the cardio machines are on the 4th floor rather than the 1st. When I realized this, my first thought was "Oh, crap. No elevators?" That's not a good sign when the whole point of being there is to get a workout. By the time I got to the 4th floor, I was already exhaused and sweaty. Granted, I was still bundled up in my winter coat with my boots and scarf and hat, but still. Come on. Pathetic.

My workout wasn't much more impressive. I walked for a mile on a treadmill at a pace slightly faster than what I consider comfortable. I never even broke into a jog. I didn't want to. I was thirsty and tired from work and complaining in my head about everything I found uncomfortable. Which was everything. After the mile, I moved onto one of those bike machines. Not the virtual ones that I talked about earlier, but the ones with the pedals in the front. The kind I hated. Whatever. I just wanted to sit down. Anyway, I was on it for only 45 minutes and never even broke a sweat. That's probably because I didn't break 80 RPM.

I'm really not impressed with myself today. But hey, it's my first day back after a couple weeks, so I'm not going to beat myself up too much.

I'll just do better tomorrow.

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Momma said...

Glad to see you're back to it! The exercise and the blog. Getting back into a routine is as important as the workout itself. Keep it up!